Jet Ski Platforms and Boat Lift Hauling System

Leader for Floating Platforms for every models of Jet ski and Floating Hauling Sytems for small boat until 10 meters lenght.

jet ski docks
rotoport jet ski platform

Rotoport Jet ski platform

Rotoport is our floating jet ski dock. Ready to use, tried and tested for over 10 years.

jet port jet ski platform

Jet Port floating platform

New port for every models of jet ski. 200x400 cm With adjustable rollers for every jet ski's hull.

boat lift floating hauling system

Boat Lift Hauling System

Modular floating boat lift system platform hauling rafts and small boats until 10 m.

Floating Platforms for Jet Ski

Hauling floating modular system for jet ski, tender, raft and small boats

floating platform for jet ski

Universal System

Rotoport and Jetport floating platforms are universal and are suitable for all models of jet ski from 1 to 3 people. Thanks to central and side rollers your watercraft can be lifted easily

Modular System

The floating systems for jet ski Rotoport and Jetport and also the "boat lift system" for hauling boats are modular, expandable, and can be joined each other.

jet ski platforms
jet port for jet ski

Safe and ready to use

Stable. secure, ready for use. Made by high density polyethylene, with central and side rollers in teflon and steel, all our floating hauling systems are guaranteed 5 years.