Boat lift Hauling system

Boatlift is a floating modular system for haluing rafts and small boats
Platform dimension : as you need until boats 10 meters lenght.

boat lift floating hauling system
boat lift hauling system

Boat Lift Hauling System

From 3 up to more then 10 meters: It's modular floating system.

boat lift hauling system

Boat lift adapts to your needs

you can compose the floating hauling platform as you like

boat lift hauling system

Boat lift system

It's composed by 1 "entrance", 1 "head" and by many central part according to the length of the boat

Boat Lift floating hauling system for boats

Hauling floating modular system for boats up to 10 meters

boat lift hauling system

Universal System

Boat lift is a floating modular hauling system wich can be used both for boats and tender or jet ski. It allows to to well maintain your boat.

Modular System

The floating "boat lift system" for hauling boats are modular, expandable, and can be joined each other.

boat lift hauling system