Jet Ski Platforms Rotoport

Rotoport is a ready to use floating platform for every models and brand of Jet Ski
Platform dimension : 400x147x48cm

jet ski floating platforms
rotoport jet ski platform

Rotoport Jet ski platform

Rotoport is 400x147cm - Weight 157 Kilos - Floating capacity > 1000 kilos.

rotoport watercraft floating platform

Rotoport is suitable for all watercrafts

New stern roller for easy access to the V slide.

rotoport watercraft floating platform

Rotoport has keel guide

Keel guide with 3 big central rollers and 4 rollers on both side.

Rotoport floating Platforms for Jet Ski

Hauling floating modular system for jet ski

floating platform for jet ski

Universal System

Rotoport and Jetport floating platforms are universal and are suitable for all models of jet ski from 1 to 3 people. Thanks to central and side rollers your watercraft can be lifted easily

Modular System

The floating systems for jet ski Rotoport and Jetport and also the "boat lift system" for hauling boats are modular, expandable, and can be joined each other.

jet ski platforms